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 Meet Your Team

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PostSubject: Meet Your Team   Sun Mar 01, 2009 10:34 pm

Alright ladies (and gentlemen... if we have any). It is time to introduce you to your leadership team. I appreciate all of your 'votes' and input during this process. I know it has taken a while but I really wanted to be fair. Just can't give you 4 hours to vote. You all need to have time.

I am still working the logistics with these ladies. Figuring out who is doing what. I am sure many of you have noticed the Moderators assigned to different sections. That may change over the next few days depending on where these ladies feel most comfortable.

I am excited, I think we have a good team. We represent a wide spectrum both globally and where we are in life, some are mothers, the rest are single... we need engaged people. Someone hurry up and get engaged. Do exactly as I say. .

Enough rambling. Meet your team.


Jessica (Me): Washington DC. Thanks to Berny for trusting me with this.

Senior Mod

Heidi: New Zealand. (She is going to shoot me for posting that picture... ah, the beauties of Facebook Evil Laugh) Her baby is due March 13th (see her Avatar for a chuckle-- lol).


Brittany: USA (lol-- I don't know where). Waiting for feedback from Brittany as to where we put her. She has a new baby, so we are cutting her a break. Wink

Linz: Pennsylvania. Resident technological genius and moderator of Fun & Games.

Larissa (Sparkling4Him): Austrailia...(did I spell that wrong?? It looks wrong). At moment, moderator of "Edification"

Katy: North Carolina or South Carolina... one of the Carolinas Wink Current moderator of General Discussion and Encouragement. (I had forgotten Katy was nominated when I posted the list of nominees. Since the elected Senior Mod is expecting within a matter of days, I figure we could use another moderator)

So... there you have it. We will be laying out the detailed structure of what is going on in the next couple days.

I am excited about this. I think we can return this board to its former glory. Invite your friends!!
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PostSubject: Re: Meet Your Team   Mon Mar 02, 2009 12:33 pm

K, an update on this. lol.

Brittany (who lives in California Laughing ) will be splitting the Sr. Mod role with Heidi.
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Meet Your Team
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