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 New Moderators- Nominees! (Step 4)

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New Moderators- Nominees! (Step 4) Empty
PostSubject: New Moderators- Nominees! (Step 4)   New Moderators- Nominees! (Step 4) EmptySat Feb 21, 2009 12:14 pm

Ok, the week of nominating is over, we had a few nominations, and some of them had to decline for personal reasons (that is fine... leave them alone Evil or Very Mad )!

The mod nominations are as follows:

Larissa (Sparkling4Him)

At this point, I see no reason why we can't keep all four of them. If anyone is disagreed, speak now or forever hold your peace.

What we will vote on at this point is the senior mod. Right now, I only see us needing one. This moderator will have a little extra power in their punch Very Happy (I crack myself up). She (since there are no 'he's) will be able to create announcements/stickies, etc, and will act as Administrator in my absence.

So here is where we stand.

1) Nominations for moderators is now closed. No new nominations will be accepted.
2) All nominees have been accepted to moderator position.
3) Voting for senior mod will take place as follows:

PM the Admin with the name of one of the ladies above who you believe to be a great candidate for senior mod.
The 'poll' will be open for one week.
At the end of that week, the results will be compiled and the lady chosen will be contacted to ensure that she is comfortable with this role. If not, it will go down the line (kinda like Miss America- lol).
The leadership team will be presented together as a whole once the senior moderator has been chosen.
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New Moderators- Nominees! (Step 4)
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