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 New Moderators- Step 1

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PostSubject: New Moderators- Step 1   Fri Feb 13, 2009 7:07 pm

Ok, people. Here's the deal. For anything in life to survive, it requires structure. Soon we will develop a set of guildelines for behaviour and discussion on this forum. In order to make sure the structure works, we need people to reinforce it. We need leadership. Any group of people in this world, whether Believers or not, need leadership to accomplish a given goal.

This is the purpose of moderators.

We are going to try a new approach. A semi-democratic approach. I want you to vote for your moderators. There are steps to this process. Let me outline them for you.

Step 1- Understand the Role of Moderator and Nominate Eligible People

Step 2- Admin review of nominee conduct and confirmation of eligibility.

Step 3- Confirm with the nominees that they are willing to fulfill these roles.

Step 4- Introduce nominees to board and hold a blind vote (via PM, not poll).

I know that last step may seem a little daunting, but think of it, if everyone nominated themselves, we would have 60 moderators!!! We also do not want moderators that will purposefully butt heads with people.

So, here we go, Step 1.

"Duties" of a Moderator
1. To supervise activity on board. This is the structure. Check topics for appropriate content and conduct
2. To provide guidance where needed. This is the service aspect. In some instances, questions are asked that are deep in nature. I would expect a moderator to be grounded enough to be able to answer these questions. This also includes guiding people back onto the topic at hand.
3. My right-hand people. This is the action. The moderators will enforce the rules of the board. If a topic (or member) is out of line, it is their perogative to tell that member so. Obviously there will be tact involved and the decision can be refuted, but for the most part, what he/she says, goes. I simply do not have the ability to control every single topic on this board.

Qualities of a good Moderator

When you are thinking of someone to nominate, it would be good to consider these characteristics:

1. Well-known on board. We will not have any guest moderators. Leadership involves transparency at times.
2. Well-respected on board. Leadership is always best when it is respected.
3. Well-grounded in faith. Due to the spiritual guidance sometimes required of a moderator, it is important that this person is known for their stand in issues of the faith. We may not be the same denominations, but if the person uses the Quran... well... they may not make a good moderator.
4. Able to control emotions. This is more for the nominees themselves. There may be times you have to remain neutral in a situation. If the person is known for flying off the handle, they would not make a good moderator.

What Now? Know someone who fits the bill?

Nominate them!! Fireworks

How to nominate: Nominate by Private Message to the Admin. I will review the nominee's conduct and contact him/her regarding moderating on the board. You will not be contacted regarding their decision, because, frankly, that is none of your business. You may nominate three members.

Because of the holiday weekend and all, I will accept nominations until midnight EST Feb 20, 2009. That gives you a week to pray about who you want to lead, because remember, they are leading, so choose wisely.

Any questions, PM me!
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New Moderators- Step 1
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